Luxury villa in The Netherlands

Bellefeu Rectangular Suspension with customised tubes

Customised Balume on Wooden Pole with Balume in Brushed Nickel and pole treated with impregnated oil 

Balume Wall 

Elegance on Chain Grande 1L

Spot Marron Mounted Base combined with Filou Suspension Mounted Base

Recessed Spot Aureole combined with Vitrine Petite 2L Wall

Micro Mounted Base (ceiling) combined with Spot Marron on Mounted Base (wall)


About AA+ Ontwerpbureau BV:

We are a passionate and enthusiastic design agency, operating from Berkenwoude and Elspeet. Creative home and workplace design and consultancy is our trade. Designing your dream home is our speciality. Providing you with a harmoniously coordinated design for your exterior, interior and garden is our middle name. Your wishes are at the forefront of everything we do, for bespoke designs make for a win-win situation you enjoy, feel and live every day.



Pictures by Michael van Oosten

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