Exclusive apartment in The Netherlands

 This exclusive apartment in Amsterdam (Netherlands) has been realised by van Hamersveld Bouw. 

authentage_bathroom_qbri semi recessed_QCE0LS348

Bathroom with Q-bri Comète Semi Recessed 2L

Authentage_qbri semi-recessed_QCE0L3S48

Q-bri Comète Semi Recessed 3L

Authentage_Tubelum ceiling customised and Comete recessed_COM0L2CL6 and

Kitchen with Customised Tubelum Ceiling Spot and Customised Phantôme Centonze Reflector 


Authentage_phantôme comètre recessed spotlights_COM0L2CL6

Phantôme Centonze Refllector (customised with Comète)

authentage_q-bri wall light and phantôme comète recessed

Q-bri wall and Customised Phantôme Centonze Reflector (with Comète

Authentage_qbri wall and phanôme comète recessed COM0L2CL6

Living room with Q-bri wall and Customised Phantôme Centonze Reflector (with Comète) - recessed lights only the integrated LED on for a romantic setting

Authentage_qbri wall_phantôme comète recessed_evening_COM0L2CL6_QBR001002

Living room with Q-bri wall and Customised Phantôme Centonze Reflector (with Comète) - recessed lights (integrated LED and functional spots) on to combine functional and ambiance lights.

Authentage_Phantôme Comète_COM0L2CL6_ hallway

Phantôme Comète in the hallway

authentage_tubelum_customised_bedroom amsterdam

Customised Tubelum Ceiling Spot as reading lights in the bedroom

authentage_balume_BAL001002_terrace_outdoor light

Balume Wall Bronze on the terrace


van Hamersveld Bouw about Authentage :

Authentage produces very nice, qualitative products with a splendid appearance that, in almost all cases, fit in very well with our projects. And not to mention a very nice, personal contact!


About van Hamersveld Bouw :

We're not the average building company and we attach great importance to personal contact. A construction/renovation is planned in steps so that everything remains clear and transparent for the customer in order to achieve the best result




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