A contemporary garden for a modern-style home in the South of Spain

Authentage_outdoor lighting_garden_pipilier_qbri

Pipilier (belgian blue granite) and Q-bri Wall bronze

Authentage_micro on pin_outdoor lighting_garden

Micro on Pin bronze

Authentage_galed_outdoor lighting_garden_bronze

Galed 90° bronze 

Authentage_pipilier_outdoor lighting_garden

Pipilier (belgian blue granite) and Q-bri Wall bronze 

Authentage_outdoor lighting_galed_micro on pin_subtile

Subtile bronze and Galed 90° bronze and Micro on Pin bronze

Authentage_Galed_Qbri_micro on pin_outdoor lighting

Galed 90° bronze and Pipilier and Q-bri Wall bronze and Micro on Pin bronze


Beatrice Perlac, CEO of Adarve Gardens & Landscape design about Authentage: 

I like using the Authentage products because of the incredible quality of all their products which you can see straight away. The design transmits classical elegance and is a definite feature to include in the garden. It sums up to the complete ambience you want to achieve. Great experience!


About Beatrice :

Through her studies in Landscape and Interior Architecture, along with Permaculture and other environmental studies, Designer Beatrice Perlac manages to fuse Beauty and Functionality in simbiosis with nature. Her unique style is a guaranty for International elegance.

Her exigency in the finishings and execution of her gardens led her to create Adarve Gardens in 1998, to be able to have full control of the final results and its passage over time.




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