Charming restaurant in Belgium

 Authentage_Qbri_centonze_semi recessed_ceiling_Art en design

 Q-Bri Centonze semi recessed 2L


Vitrine Plafonnier Bronze

Authentage_recessed_indoor lighting_phantome_comete_COM0L2CL6

Phantôme Centonze 2L Recessed

Authentage_Bellefeu Vitrine Table_indoor_table lamp

Bellefeu Vitrine Table Bronze


Authentage_indoor lighting_qbri_centonze_semi_recessed

Q-bri centonze semi recessed 2L detail


Q-bri centonze semi recessed 2L 


Lighting specialist Art & Design about this project :

Working with Authentage is our natural habitat, as we sell these lighting from the very first start of Authentage.  The timeless designs, can be used in almost every kind of style. The designs are bringing warmth and ambiance as you can see in one of our latest projects: Restaurant De Vogelzang in Schilde, Belgium.


About Art & Design :

Art & Design is a lighting specialist based in Brasschaat, near Antwerp in which the complete collection of Authentage is displayed. In our showroom we can give you professional advice and explanation about the Authentage products. In our experience room, we show you what lighting can do for you. With our lighting experience we create ambiance in every environment! 


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