Johan Oosterwaal is retiring

Johan Oosterwaal, our coordinator of Operations the last few years, is retiring.

Not an ordinary career

Johan came to Authentage quite by chance. Before that, he worked for 40 years in retail where he held positions from salesman, buyer, operational manager to general manager. In 2016, however, the company went bankrupt.

Through his network, Johan found the opportunity as a production employee at Authentage. Not only a production-oriented organisation, but also working in a small team with a lot of personal contact were new to Johan. And it turned was made for him!

Every day we could hear Johan softly singing as he came up the stairs and was preparing the orders for that day. Johan always managed to keep an overview and every day he enjoyed working and striving for customers satisfaction.

"Working on a great product and taking care of the production and preparation of the orders, I found fascinating. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle into place so that our customers receive their ordered products in good condition AND on time was the big challenge that I took on every day with great passion."


Now it is (unfortunately) time for Johan to pass on the torch after 4.5 years and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

"I will fill my spare time with my hobbies diving, painting and taking care of the children and grandchildren. I am also looking forward to discovering new places with our caravan together with my wife."

Johan has always enjoyed working for Authentage and has one last advice for his colleagues:

"The atmosphere in which I was allowed to work was very pleasant. Keep it that way and work with passion on our beautiful products in peace, rhythm and routine."

We don't need to tell you that we will miss Johan greatly. We are extremely grateful for his efforts and commitment the past years, but also for being who he is: a fantastic colleague with a heart of gold!

Enjoy your retirement Johan!


Team Authentage

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