Difference between halogen and led

Replacing halogen with led? What should you pay attention to?

Are you looking for lighting for your project? Or do you wish to illuminate your own home in an attractive and appropriate way?

Check out the possibilities of led lighting in combination with the stylish fixtures of Authentage. LED lighting is both versatile and energy efficient. A led lamp lasts up to 35 times longer than a halogen lamp. Moreover, there is a wide choice of LED lighting available for indoor and outdoor, and this in various finishes and light effects.

In this article, we explain the difference between halogen lighting and LED lighting. In addition, we will also look at the advantages of LED lighting.

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A restaurant with a warm ambiance, provided with different LED lighting of Authentage

What is halogen lighting?

First, we take a brief look at what halogen lighting is. Halogen lighting has long been synonymous with a warm and yet bright way of lighting. The functioning of a halogen lamp can best be compared to a classic incandescent lamp. In halogen lighting, as the name implies, halogen is added, which ensures that the glass of this type of lighting remains beautifully transparent. Halogen lighting generates enormous heat. The tungsten of the filament (which will evaporate because of the heat) will settle back on the filament and the heat will accumulate in the lighting element. This is why quartz glass, which is heat resistant, is used for halogen lighting.

The advantage of halogen lighting is that it creates a perfect brightness and has a wide range. It can be used in wall lighting, ceiling lighting and also as the typical halogen spot, for example. A halogen lamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Halogen lighting, that is warmth and coziness, but this type of lighting also has disadvantages that weigh heavily. For example, the lifespan is quite short. You must replace halogen lights regularly. A halogen lamp also consumes a lot of energy, which is less good for the environment and for your bank account.

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What is LED lighting?

The term "led" in LED lighting stands for "light emitting diode". A diode is a term from the world of electronics. It is an electrical semiconductor with two electrodes, through which electricity flows. Light is created by the movement of electrons in the semiconductor.

Another important material in LED lighting is the carbon wire or LED filament. These are the orange rods in which an LED strip is processed.
LED lighting has the great advantage of being an energy-efficient way of lighting. To produce light, it is not necessary that a filament is heated, as with an incandescent lamp or halogen lighting. In addition, LED lighting also lasts for a very long time. Because of this, led lighting has become the new standard for economical yet strong lighting.

There are also some disadvantages to led lighting. The purchase price is usually slightly higher than for halogen lighting, but you win this purchase cost back quickly by the long lifespan.

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What are the advantages of LED lighting compared to halogen lighting?

For new fixtures, we at Authentage like to work with LED lighting. Why do we do this?

* LED lighting is energy-efficient. The price of electricity is constantly rising, and all the ways you can save on energy bills are a nice bonus. Add to that the longevity of led lighting, and you save both on your energy bill expenses and on the purchase of the lighting itself.

* Led lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor lighting with led fixtures has the same advantages as using led lighting indoors. It is energy efficient and versatile. With outdoor led lighting you not only create a safe feeling but also a nice atmosphere, for example, at dusk.

* LED lighting can be used anywhere. Led lighting that you build into the ceiling for example, or other specific indoor or outdoor lighting with led strips? It's all possible thanks to the various possibilities of fittings. For example, you can find led lights with the same fittings as classic bulbs. In addition, there is also a large choice of spotlights with led light sources.

* LED lighting allows for creative and unique fixtures. Luminaires must meet less stringent requirements than, for example, luminaires for halogen lighting, where you must take into account in the design that the temperature can rise.

* Led lighting lends itself to different shades and strengths. For example, you can choose extra warm white light with a shade between 1800 and 2700 Kelvin, warm white light (3000 K) or cool white light with a shade of 4000 Kelvin.

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A modern garden in Spain provided with LED lighting of Authentage

Replace halogen with led with Authentage, your partner for led lighting

If you want to create a warm effect with led lighting, it comes down to relying on professionals. We at Authentage are specialised in led lighting and always apply this technology with a suitable fitting. At Authentage, we also pay attention to the right shades and brightness in the right space. If you wish to review the lighting for your project and make it energy efficient, then you can certainly turn to Authentage for expert advice. This way you kill two birds with one stone: you create a beautiful and warm atmosphere and save on your energy bill at the same time.

Authentage: design and assembly of fittings in Belgium

Authentage is a Belgian company. We make all our designs in Belgium and we also assemble the fixtures in our own country. We specialize in quality and timeless materials. Stylish fixtures with that little extra are our trademark. Thanks to these fixtures for indoors and outdoors you can create the desired atmosphere at any time of day. Do you have a specific question about a fixture in combination with LED lighting? Then contact us today!

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