Luminaires made to resist extreme weather conditions

Steps, driveways and garden paths, they’re not exactly the eye-catchers of your outdoor space, but when it comes to lighting they are equally important as any other area. By means of a directional, indirect light beam, the subtle Balume luminaire enlightens your path with a soft warm glow. And thanks to its corrosion resistance, it does so impeccably in all weather conditions, just like all of our outdoor lamps.

Balume bronze

Only thirteen centimeters in height, this luminaire isn’t much of an attention grabber. Yet don’t underestimate this little lamp: Balume may be small, its elegant and professional design makes it a pleasant and trustworthy companion. The intimate indirect light beam ensures that you’ll find your way outdoors without putting too much emphasis on its own presence. Moreover, there are different beam angles possible so you can perfectly choose the light according to your needs. 

Sturdy materials to resist all weather conditions

This collection was specifically designed to accent garden paths, front doors, driveways and gates, but Balume is just as happy to bring its warm appearance into your indoor environment. One lamp in this collection, the Balume Up & Down, is even exclusively designed for indoors. That being said, it is outdoors that the classic Balume truly shows its worth. The sturdy materials are made to last and will remain corrosion free, even in regions where the climate is characterised by extreme conditions, such as coastal areas. In concrete terms, this means no rust, so no worries that the lamp will fail when the weather gods pull out all the stops. 

In addition, the wood of the Balume on pole is also extremely weatherproof. The pole is made of tropical and exceptionally strong hardwood Padouk. When exposed to sunlight, the initially red hardwood will quickly take on a grey tone, giving it a distinctive appeal without getting weather-beaten. Thus, this small lamp - like all our other outdoor lights - stands his ground in all weather conditions. Gushing rain, a blizzard or fog: there will be light.

Balume on wooden pole Padouk

On top of all that, Balume is extremely easy to install. That goes for the lamp itself, as well as for the pole: there is no need for extra reinforcement like concrete. The standard IP 43 is made to resist common weather, but it can be optionally upgraded to IP55 upon request. 

Elegant, sturdy and easy to install: it comes to no surprise that the Balume has become somewhat of a classic in our range. That is why the handmade fixture is immediately available in four finishes. On our website or in your professional account you will find a bronze version, one made out of brushed nickel, one in chrome finish and a Balume lamp with the golden sheen of polished brass. Just like Balume itself, we don't pin ourselves down to one option. We are equally happy to think along with you to customise the Balume for your project. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options.

Balume finishes

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