Spotlights, an essential ingredient for creating an authentic ambiance

Although they’re seldom the centerpiece of a room, spotlights have an important role to play in any interior. They prove their worth by emphasising a particular asset like a painting, providing ample light in the entire room or even creating a warm and cosy mood. With many different designs, bases, positions, wattages and light bulbs, our ample spot collection brings great flexibility to your interior design.

Our portfolio consists of more than eighty different spotlights in a variety of styles. There’s the pear shaped Poire and the sleek Fiston collections for example, both elegant spotlights. For an authentic and timeless look the Comète, Coupette and Centonze are great options. Next to the more classic spots like said Poire and the Fleure, there’s also the modern Marron: a clean, naked spotlight with an industrial look. And last but not least there’s the playful Tubelum spots with their surprising polished interior.

(Project by AA+ Ontwerpbureau and picture by M. van Oosten)

The Marron spotlights in a bronze finish.

In a similar setting yet totally different than the Marron: the Comète spots. 

How to create the right atmosphere with spots

What all of our spots have in common is that they’re equipped with the latest lighting technology. Starting there, the possibilities to create the right atmosphere are almost endless. First of all, there are different bases available (including or excluding driver) to suit every style and need. Wether you want to use a single spot, a combination of spots on one base, a rearrangable track or spots that are seamlessly incorporated into any ceiling. Some of our spotlights are even adjustable to DALI-domotica systems on request, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and customisation questions.

Three Poire spots with a brushed nickel finish, on profile.
The Centonze spots on track. 

The versatility of our spot collections is further enhanced by the different possible beam angles which gives extra flexibility for the light effect. Then, there’s also the finishes. Like most of our luminaires our spots are available in different finishes, including bronze, brushed nickel and chrome. Other finishes like polished brass are possible on request.

Authentage Fiston spotlight in different finishesThe Fiston spot in four different finishes: bronze, chrome, polished brass and brushed nickel. 

Last – and very important for creating the right mood with your lighting – is the light source itself. Depending on the bulb type and wattage, the result can be totally different. Since the light itself determines the atmosphere of a room, the light source is a key element to choosing and installing any lighting fixture. Our light source guide is here to help you: in this guide you’ll find an extensive overview of the light sources available for any of our fixtures, and, of course, the kind of light it will emit into the room.

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