What should you consider when choosing a reading lamp?

If you like to read, then lighting is an important element in a home or business interior. Ideally, it should be possible to accurately direct the light beam to the place where you hold your book with the right amount of brightness. A reading lamp that gives off warm and intimate light, and which is also dimmable, is another great advantage. Not to mention the fact that lighting is never just functional. The light cast by a reading lamp can also help create a cosy atmosphere in a living room and subtly highlight a piece of furniture in the room. 

Use a reading lamp to minimise eye fatigue when you read

A well-chosen light source will make sure you can read for hours without tiring your eyes. On a dark winter evening or at dusk when it starts to get dark outside, you can dream away with a book. With the right lighting by your bed or next to the sofa, you are ready to immerse yourself in a novel or comfortably read a few articles in a magazine. A free-standing lamp can be moved and is therefore also ideal in the reception area of a residence, hotel or restaurant, to register guests for example.

Authentage has the perfect reading lamp for indoors and outdoors

You will find a broad selection of reading lamps for indoor and outdoor use at Authentage. We stand for handmade quality in light fixtures. Our luminaires are designed and assembled in our workshops in Belgium. For our reading lamps, whether free-standing or pendant, we create a timeless and high-quality look. We combine authentic materials with the latest lighting technology.

Authentage_Finca Serena Mallorca_Indoor and outdoor floor lights_reading lightsMicro Floor (Finca Serena Mallorca) - Macro Floor

LED lighting is ideal for a reading lamp

Which light source should you prefer if you want to read a book? In that case, Authentage resolutely recommends LED lighting. Our LED bulbs are very close to halogen bulbs in terms of light colour, and have the additional advantage of being safe and energy-efficient. You can expect many hours of reading pleasure with an Authentage reading lamp fitted with LED bulbs, as you’ll rarely need to replace them. If you wish to create a specific light accent using LED lighting, be sure to ask for advice. Kelvin Killer® for example, a filter developed by Authentage to lower the colour temperature by approximately 400K, is ideal for such a situation. The light bulb has a long life and, in the dim-to-warm versions, the light accent becomes even warmer when dimmed. 

A lamp with warm light to immerse yourself in a book

Reading is an intimate and personal experience. So, you also want a reading lamp that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of your book. We decided to use dimmable light bulbs with a warm white colour temperature. Dimmable bulbs make your reading experience even more personal.

A version in bronze or brushed nickel for a new Authentage reading lamp design

An Authentage reading lamp is a beautiful and stylish addition to your business or residence. Its bronze colour is Authentage’s hallmark. While bronze is close to black, a deeper bronze colour is more visible depending on the light exposure. In the case of outdoor reading lamps, the patina can become deeper and acquire a blue-green sheen, which increases the authentic look. Most reading lamps are also available in brushed nickel, chrome or polished brass finishes. Feel free to ask Authentage for more information.

Which type of reading lamp is best for you?

You will find a broad selection of reading lamps at Authentage. If you are an interior architect, you’ve come to the right place for the perfect reading luminaires to suit any interior design, residential or commercial project.

The Lisible Poire: elegance and flexibility

The Lisible Poire is an elegant and refined floor lamp. The light bulb fits snugly into the spot fixture, with the effect that the LED bulb looks like a halogen lamp. The great advantage of this LED lamp is that it is a sustainable form of lighting. Since the light bulb itself is not included, you can choose which light beam and light colour will create the best conditions for optimum reading enjoyment. We’ve made the arm flexible so you can position it the way you want. This product is only suitable for indoor use.


The Lisible Fleure: a reading lamp with one or two light sources

The Lisible Fleure comes in two versions: with one or two lamps. The spot is shaped like a bell or flower chalice. The arm is flexible and can be positioned as you wish. This product is only suitable for indoor use. 

The industrial look of the Macro Floor free-standing reading lamp

Choose the Macro Floor free-standing reading lamp, which is available in an indoor and outdoor version, for a resolutely industrial look. Whether placed in a living room or on a patio, this floor lamp is an eye-catcher with a functional aspect. It is height adjustable and the spot light can be directed to shine exactly where you want it. The Macro Floor is available in bronze, brushed nickel and chrome finishes. The indoor luminaire will add a robust, industrial element to your interior design, while the outdoor lamp is ideal for reading al fresco at dusk.

The Micro Floor, an industrial-style reading lamp with a delicate design

The Micro Floor has the same industrial look as the Macro floor, but has a more delicate design. It is also height adjustable and the spot light rotates so that you can create the perfect light beam angle. The Micro Floor is available in both an indoor and outdoor version. Since the bulb fits deep inside the fixture, you won’t be bothered by glaring light beams.

Choose the Tubelum 2L reading ramp if you need a floor lamp  

The Tubelum 2L is a luminaire with a great deal of flexibility. For example, you can fit the lamp deep inside the fixture for a narrower beam, or pull it out more for a wider beam, enabling you to change the light effect. The inside of the fixture is polished brass, creating an even warmer glow as a result. Bulbs and dimmer are included. You can easily rotate the tubes in the desired direction. This Tubelum 2L is the ideal floor reading lamp.

The sleek design of the Lit Floor

Choose the Lit Floor reading lamp for a distinctly sleek design. The light fixture is a slim tube. A slide dimmer is included but the bulb is not. The luminaire’s sleek design makes it suitable for any interior. You can match it with the Lit collection spots to create a homogeneous ensemble. 

The Lisible Lit Wall: the ideal reading lamp next to your sofa or your bed

The Lisible Lit Wall is the perfect reading lamp when you are reading on the sofa or in your bed. You can use the lamp’s flexible arm to adjust the angle of the light beam. It is also fitted with a push button to easily switch the lamp on and off. The bulbs are not included.

As an interior designer, choose Authentage custom-made reading lamps

Authentage can configure and customise a reading lamp, whether free-standing or pendant, to suit your needs. Various reading lamps are dimmable as standard.

In short, don’t hesitate to contact Authentage if you are looking for reading lamps with that little bit extra. As an interior architect or designer, order reading lamps from Authentage now. If you are interested in our reading lamps as a private individual, we will help you find a dealer where you can find our products.

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