Your outdoor fixtures will look even more beautiful as they age

Even though you don't spend a lot of time in your garden during the winter, your stationary garden lighting will remain outside. Through rain, snow, hail and fallen leaves their appearance will not be compromised, on the contrary.

As you could read in a previous blog post, our outdoor lights are made to withstand all weather conditions. We set high quality standards at Authentage and don't stray an inch from them. Next to this functional asset, the look of your light fixtures is equally important - that is why you picked them in the first place! Well, we are convinced that our outdoor luminaires will even become more beautiful with the passing of time.

The fact is: by being exposed to the outside air and weather conditions, our luminaires are naturally aging. This is a pure and slow process, and nothing will affect the quality. They retain their authentic character, at all times. Because of the natural ageing process the fixtures even become more and more part of your garden and will enlighten your gardens' best features in a relaxed way. This way your outdoor environment always looks wonderful, in every season.

How will a light fixture change through time? 

When designing our light collections, we take into account that these small, subtle changes will occur. The way in which a fixture 'ages' can never be 100% predicted, however the experience teaches us a few things. The Gracieuze collection, for example, will become a bit bluish, while the Padouk wood of the Balume on pole will obtain a natural greyish colour. For more information about what to expect from any particular series or luminaires, do not hesitate to contact us via your personal account. Don’t you have an account yet? Register here!

The Gracieuze Lantern will obtain a bluish tone when aging. 

The Balume on pole. The Padouk will naturally change colour. 

High-quality sustainable materials 

If you wish, you can have your lamps re-conditioned so that they regain their original colour. This is not obligatory neither necessary: they will be just as durable when they’re not retreated. It’s all just a matter of your personal taste, and we’d be happy to assist you with finding the right fixtures for your project!

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