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Create Your Own

The right space deserves the right lighting. Now, imagine creating this lighting yourself!

Let us introduce you to our Create Your Own collection.
With this collection, you have the power to set up your very own Bellefeu creation, tailored to your unique style, preferences and space. Whether you're seeking a cozy corner glow or a captivating centerpiece, our in-house LED technology offers endless possibilities to replicate real candlelight.

Unique combinations

Indoor and outdoor

Exclusive mood creator

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How does it work?

Step 1: Starter kit

The first step of creating your personalised Bellefeu begins with our Create Your Own starter kit. This kit contains a module with our unique in-house LED technology allowing you to create the captivating candle-like fire effect that defines the Bellefeu. A push dimmer is included. Every kit can serve up to 18 candles, making the possibilities endless.

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Step 2: Choose your candle

The starter kit is the basis for the Create Your Own collection. Now you need to select the perfect candle(s) to complement your design project. Our range offers three options, ensuring there's a perfect match for every taste:

Wax candles

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Available in white or linen, these candles exude romance and charm, casting a soft, inviting glow resembling traditional candles. Ideal for indoor settings, though not recommended for outdoor use as these are real wax and will melt in direct sunlight.

Alabaster candles

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Crafted from natural stone and handmade, these candles add a cozy yet modern ambiance to any environment. Each candle has a unique casing because of its nerves, adding a touch of individuality to your decor. They elevate any space with their timeless appeal, both indoor and outdoor.

Glass candles

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Sleek and modern, glass candles offer a modern twist on traditional candlelight. Their resilient glass casing makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Size of the candles

Once you know the number of candles and you’ve chosen your desired candle type, it's time to consider size, more specific height and diameter. Whether you prefer uniformity or a mix of sizes for an organic look, the choice is yours. For those creating a fireplace display, simply provide the dimensions of your installation box and our experts will assist you in selecting the perfect candle sizes to achieve the look you desire.

Step 3: Drivers

After choosing the type of candles and their sizes, the next step is to select the right driver. You need a driver to reduce mains voltage (240V) to the desired level relative to the LED-discs which is 24V. Selecting the appropriate driver depends on the number of candles you've chosen. Our drivers support up to 18 candles, offering endless possibilities. For quantities exceeding 18 candles, you'll need to select multiple drivers.

Each candle consumes 2.4W of power. To find the suitable driver, multiply the number of candles by 2.4. Remember, the wattage rating of the driver should always exceed the total wattage of the candles.

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Step 4: Options

Lastly, with our flexible options, you can tailor the experience to suit your unique creations even more. Choose to include a mounting system with your kit for easy installation of the LED units, or design and create your own solution. Additionally, for candles placed on a table or close to the ground you can easily enhance the look of your Bellefeu lamp by opting for a diffuser, which elegantly conceals the LED technology within the candles.

Control systems

In case you would like to dim your Create Your Own combination via a switch on the wall or via home automation, we kindly ask you to tell us upfront so we can figure out the best solution for your set-up.

Start creating

With only these 4 easy steps, you can start creating your own unique Bellefeu fixture.
Whether you're designing something grand and impressive or small and cozy, our Create Your Own collection makes it possible to tailor the perfect lighting solution for your space.

Start Creating Your Own 
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Not sure whether you’ve selected the right options or you would like to get support from us?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help you further in order to create the perfect set-up for your project.

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