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Lighting bedroom: warm light, luxurious atmosphere

Beautiful and atmospheric lighting is a great added value for your bedroom. A bedroom is more than a space where you go to sleep at night. With a few small interventions you can turn it into an attractive and cosy space. Looking for lighting for your bedroom? Be sure to check out our offer at Authentage! In this article, we give you some tips and tricks that you can pay attention to.

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Lighting bedroom: an elegant ceiling lamp is a must

An elegant central ceiling light is always a good idea for bedroom lighting. Your ceiling light is a central point of light that will illuminate your room in a functional yet atmospheric way. You have the choice between a pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp that is attached to the ceiling in its entirety.In addition, reading lights are simply a must for lighting in the bedroom. Here, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a wall light that you mount on the wall at the head of your bed. Here, the light can be distributed upwards and downwards and give a nice accent to the wall.

Original bedroom lighting with pendant lights above your bedside table

If you like original ideas, choose to hang a pendant lamp above your bedside table. You can then fit this exactly at the height you want. With a small pendant lamp above your bedside table, you can light up the place where you put your alarm clock, clock or other things in a targeted way.Small table lamps or bedside table lamps also have many advantages: they often have a plug, which creates a lot of flexibility for where you install them.

What kind of bedroom lighting and what brightness do you need in your bedroom?

Because you especially want to make a warm and cosy space of your bedroom, choose a warm and white colour shade of 2200 to 3000 Kelvin. This is soft on the eyes and adds to the atmosphere. Because you do not always heat your bedroom in the same way as, for example, your living room or bathroom, you should create a warm atmosphere with lighting and other accessories. Dimmable lighting allows you to vary the light intensity according to the desired atmosphere.

Lighting bedroom? Check out the possibilities of LED lighting at Authentage

Small hanging lamps, night table lamps or wall lamps are equipped with LED lighting. This lighting is not only energy-efficient, but it also offers a lot of possibilities in terms of light degrees. You can choose how narrow or how wide the light spot should be. Spotlights in the floor, in the ceiling or, for example, integrated in a niche as lighting in the bedroom provide a luxurious touch.

What materials are available for bedroom lighting from Authentage?

Durable and high quality materials provide an authentic touch to lighting bedroom. We work with brass for our lighting in the bedroom. In addition, you can choose between finishes as bronze, brushed nickel, chrome or polished brass. Other (RAL) colours can be seen per product.

Authentage provides handmade lighting bedroom

Need lighting in the bedroom? At Authentage, we are specialised in timeless lighting for the bedroom. Our bedroom lighting is designed in Belgium and assembled by hand. We combine the most recent lighting technology with timeless materials. We are happy to help you choose warm light for your bedroom, so that it becomes a place you are always happy to be. Moreover, at Authentage, we also provide custom-made lighting for your bedroom. Would you like more information about lighting for the bedroom? Then contact Authentage!