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Why is indoor lighting important in your home? At Authentage, our passionate employees will be happy to help you answer this question. To start with, indoor lighting literally provides the necessary light in your home, but on the other hand, this lighting is also a must for creating atmosphere and setting accents in your interior. Whether you go for purely functional lighting or opt for elegant atmospheric lighting: at Authentage, you will always find custom-made indoor lighting.

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Our collections combine high-quality, sustainable materials with the latest lighting technology.
Our products are hand-assembled in Antwerp which enables customisation.

What is good indoor lighting?

The answer to this question depends on the context and the environment in which you wish to place indoor lighting. The higher the number of lumens in lighting, the greater the light output. Good lighting is hereby a combination of the right aesthetic effect with a calculation to an optimal light output. Precisely because of the combination of the technical-scientific with the right design, it is important to call in experts and specialists for lighting in and around your home. Compare it, for example, with clothes, which can be objectively beautiful, but also have to fit well.

What types of lighting exist?

To start with, there is an important distinction between indoor and outdoor lighting. For indoors, there is also the typical distinction between recessed lighting such as a ceiling lamp, wall lamp and floor lamp. In addition, there is also a large choice of surface-mounted lighting and luminaires such as spotlights. Within these categories, it is possible to work with directional spotlights or with discrete accents. Moreover, the lighting is also adapted to the room. Indoor lighting for a living room has different requirements than lighting for the bedroom or the bathroom, for example. A meeting room, office or practice also has its specific types of lighting. Authentage offers a large choice of wall fittings and recessed lighting for any environment, from kitchens to living spaces.

Authentage lighting: authentic and high-quality design

The fittings from Authentage are hand-assembled and customised. Every room in your house is different, and that is why we want our lighting to be tailor-made to your wishes. The production of Authentage lighting fittings is done locally in Antwerp. If you go for the lighting solutions of Authentage, then you go for Belgian quality, which is a nice bonus.

At Authentage, we guarantee top quality products.

Authentage works mainly with brass, a metal that is a composition of copper and zinc and has the same strong properties. Brass is resistant to heat and is corrosion-free. This makes the material suitable for any type of interior, including humid areas such as bathrooms or garages. For our brass fittings, Authentage offers finishes in bronze, brushed nickel, chrome and polished brass for a golden shine. Moreover, here too we are open to customisation or finishes according to your wishes as a customer. Do you have a preference for a certain material or would you like a design adapted to your own wishes? Let us know and we will look into the possibilities.

The right lighting with Authentage

Whether you want to furnish a residential property or a hotel and catering business, or are looking for the right indoor lighting for your home: at Authentage, we always have the right indoor lighting for the right place. Luxurious indoor lighting tailored to your home, that's what we guarantee at Authentage. Thanks to years of cooperation with professionals such as interior architects, designers and shapers, Authentage has the expertise to bring your project to a successful conclusion.