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Terrace lighting invites you to enjoy a long summer evening

Terrace lighting creates the right atmosphere at the right time. When dusk falls, patio lighting with warm light is an eye-catcher and at the same time an invitation to enjoy the cosiness of a terrace for a long time. Lighting on the terrace also has an important functional aspect: it provides safety, so that you can find your way inside or to the parking lot of your hotel. At Authentage, we distribute high-quality and handmade terrace lighting. With terrace lighting from Authentage, you can create a cosy atmosphere, combined with a feeling of security.

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Terrace lighting from Authentage: versatile and authentic

Whether you are a private person and want to have your terrace professionally designed, or you are the manager of a party hall or restaurant and are looking for professional terrace and exterior lighting, there is a good chance that your garden architect or interior designer will find the ideal lighting from Authentage. The versatility and authenticity ensure that outdoor lighting from Authentage scores with your guests on every terrace.

Striking or subdued effects with lighting for your terrace

The choice of patio lighting from Authentage is huge. You have the choice, for example, between lighting that you mount on the wall, but you can also place light elements on the ground or the terrace floor. Think for example of lighting on a spike to illuminate plants. "On ground' lighting is placed directly on your terrace to create a warm and discreet lighting effect. With Authentage patio lighting, you can create some striking or subdued effects in the surroundings of your patio. Wall lighting is also possible, ranging from romantic mood lighting to spots that have a functional effect. Terrace lighting is therefore possible both on the wall and on the ground.

Need terrace lighting? Choose between battery or mains powered lighting

With patio lighting from Authentage, you have the choice between lighting that is connected to the mains and battery-powered lighting. The Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern outdoor from Authentage, for example, can be run on batteries. This is handy because you can then place this lighting fixture wherever you want. Moreover, you can opt for hanging lamps if you have planned a roof for your terrace. Indoor lamps can also be customised to provide the ideal lighting effect outdoors. One or more light elements are then beautiful eye-catchers.

Handmade and corrosion resistant

Terrace lighting from Authentage is handmade and corrosion-resistant. This means that the lighting on your terrace will remain beautiful and well cared for throughout the year. Bronze is by far the most popular colour among our clients. This bronze shade resembles black, but has a deeper bronze colour tone. Over the years, the patina becomes deeper and the light element may take on a green or blue sheen. If desired, you can use a maintenance kit to regain the original bronze colour, but we, at Authentage, are absolute fans of the natural ageing process whereby the fixture becomes even more authentic outside over time. All lighting designed by Authentage is timeless and Belgian. Moreover, the assembly is done entirely in our own country. We combine our high-quality materials with the newest trends and techniques in the field of lighting technology.

As far as colours go, you choose for example for the topper bronze, but brushed nickel and chrome also belong to the standard colours. RAL-colours are possible on request. As a garden architect, installer or designer, would you like more information about Authentage's patio lighting? Then contact us today!